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Sierra Medical Services Alliance (SEMSA) was established in 2000 as a private, not-for-profit, Nevada based corporation.  It’s fundamental creation was to assist other ambulance, transportation services and communities.


 In 2005, Lassen County, California’s ambulance provider abruptly closed operations and SEMSA was asked if they could provide interim EMS services.  Subsequently, SEMSA won a ten-year contract to provide ambulance services in this rural county.


In 2006, RIGGS Ambulance Service in Merced County, California approached SEMSA about taking over the day-to-day management of its company.  Over the years, SEMSA developed RIGGS Ambulance into a high-performance ambulance service that was awarded a new 10-year exclusive ambulance contract in Merced County.  Upon commencement of that contract, SEMSA became the sole owner of RIGGS.


SEMSA is successfully managing a number of other ambulance services, and is developing management training and systems to assist the next generation of rural EMS managers.


SEMSA owns and operates Med-Express wheelchair transportation services in Reno, Nevada


In 2006, SEMSA established its International Center for Prehospital and Disaster Medicine (ICPDM).  ICPDM’s focus was on providing distance and on-site education in tactical and disaster medicine.  To date, ICPDM has become a regional training center for the National Disaster Life Support Foundation and continues to teach NDLS core, basic and advanced classes to healthcare providers under contracts with the States of Oregon and Washington.  ICPDM also has partnered with:


  • The military’s Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute in San Antonio to teach their Homeland Security Medical Executive Course. 


  • The University of South Florida’s Global Center for Disaster Medicine and Humanitarian Assistance along with the University of Nevada School of Medicine and the Medical College of Georgia to offer other relevant courses to the medical communities around the country.


  • The Nevada Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Nevada EMS Office, and Governor Brian Sandoval to build a “bridge” program allowing military medics to become state certified EMT-Advanced practitioners. 


SEMSA has created a new rural EMS model being implemented and refined in various small markets/service areas.  Upon a community or customer’s request SEMSA will operate, manage, or consult with smaller ambulance services offering a wide array of support including:

  • Billing and collections,

  • Dispatching,

  • Purchasing and logistics,

  • Payroll and human resources,

  • Deployment modeling,

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Education and training,

  • Continuous quality improvement,

  • Medical direction,

  • Safety and risk management,

  • Accounting and financial services


SEMSA’s focus remains on rural and small metropolitan markets that struggle in the current reimbursement environment to provide the best services possible for the dollars available.


SEMSA is a proud member of the American Ambulance Association, serves on the Board of Directors for the California Ambulance Association, participates on the EMS Committee for the World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine, serves on multiple committees of the National Disaster Life Support Foundation, the Special Operations Medical Association, serves on the Disaster Committee of the National Association of EMS Physicians, and the National Association of EMT’s.

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